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The Mobile Workforce Support Specialists

Keeping the mobile workforce moving with rapid deployment of replacement devices and software

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The Business Challenge

Mobile technology is enabling many organisations to radically change the way they deliver services to their clients, helping them to improve service levels and efficiency, offer innovative new services, and increase revenues and profits. However, as with all major business changes, the move to technology-based mobile working brings new challenges that many organisations struggle to cope with.

Whilst mobile working can enable much greater productivity than office-based staff, mobile workers are heavily (often totally) dependant on the technology they employ – if the device stops working so do they. Traditional IT support organisations often struggle to cope with this challenge, resulting in significant mobile worker ‘downtime’ when a technology failure occurs.

TEK Express offers a range of services which help organisations maximise their mobile worker effectiveness. Our services help to minimise mobile worker downtime thereby maximising efficiency. In addition to the measurable financial benefits that our services deliver, workforce satisfaction is also improved – a crucial factor for organisations seeking to attract and retain scarce skills.

TEK Express supports a wide range of businesses and organisations including:

  • Market research companies, where our clients include the leaders in the field
  • Healthcare, providing support to specialist nursing professionals
  • Field engineering support organisations

In each of these areas, we can demonstrate tangible improvement in service, costs and revenue.

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Financial Benefits

Lower worker ‘downtime’

More productive capacity from an existing workforce
Reduced staff costs for specific projects
Greater revenue per worker due to increased activity

Lower capital spending:

Reduced hardware requirement
Lower stock holdings
Rigorous asset management to deliver lower ongoing costs.

Services that Tek Express offer

Project rollouts of new hardware and software
Remote device management (Android, iOS & Windows platforms)
Comprehensive asset management, including software images
Equipment swap when failures occur; provisioning for new starters; leaver returns
Secure equipment lockdown for data protection and usability restrictions