The Mobile Management Solution (MMS) service from TEK Express is central to our mobile services solution. 

Specifically designed for larger businesses, that require hands-on, experienced and independent support to ensure that their mobile services, costs, and usage are optimised and proactively managed on an ongoing basis.

Our MMS service combines experienced mobile device and network administration resources, advanced management tools, usage monitoring, data analysis and commercial market intelligence to provide our Clients with an all-in-one ‘mobile manager’ function, working as a direct extension of our Client’s IT team.

The service is built upon our innovative Inview Mobile platform, that provides a tailor-built solution for managing mobile costs and inventory, controlling usage and tracking service management orders for airtime and devices.

The service supports all the UK’s main mobile networks and service providers including EE, O2, Vodafone, BT Mobile & Daisy.

The MMS service is based around delivering on seven key objectives for our Clients:

  • Optimise and Maintain Control of Mobile Costs – we will proactively support the management of your mobile network billing and costs to ensure that your budgets are kept under control on an ongoing basis. Helping to ensure your bills are accurate and to minimise the risk of overspending.
  • Managing Mobile Usage & Monitoring Mobile Policies – business mobile costs are highly influenced by mobile data usage and roaming services. With our exceptional usage and policy management tools, we will ensure that Hoover can proactively monitor and control mobile usage, to help minimise the risk of bill shock and to provide total visibility of usage and costs to your users and managers
  • Releasing your IT team & Budget for Strategic Projects – with one-stop access to the tools and resources needed to effectively manage your mobile services and devices, we will help to quickly free up your IT team and budget for more strategic work. Available on a modular basis, our service is ideal for bridging gaps in your in-house resources or where appropriate for managing mobile entirely. Our tailored support can include helpdesk, managed MDM, device staging and ‘in life’ management.
  • Negotiate Better Mobile Contracts – as standard our Clients have access to our highly experienced mobile contract negotiations team, helping to provide insightful market intelligence and key targets for your contract negotiations, as well as hands-on support to assist with the contract negotiations and benefits analysis. Optionally, where required, our Clients can engage our team to fully lead and manage mobile contract negotiations and market tendering activities.
  • Deploy the Right Technologies to Streamline Support & Enhance the End User Experience – mobile usage profiles and requirements vary significantly across large businesses. Businesses that adopt a single network or ‘one size fits all’ approach to mobile devices and services, can often leave certain users working unproductively. Through scheduled one-to-one technology reviews, briefings, and webinars, our experienced mobile technology team will be on hand to guide you through the innovative ways that businesses like yours are improving end user services and support. Helping to ensure your business is getting the very best value from its mobile investments and budget.
  • Total management of Mobile Inventory Estate – our sophisticated tracking system delivers full lifecycle management within agreed SLAs and optimises IT device utilisation.
  • Mobile Workforce Support – Maximise mobile and remote worker efficiency by minimising downtime.