Anyone who has ever tried to sell something second-hand, be it a car or a household item, will know that it is a difficult process and that the price achieved is almost always a disappointment. 

Mobile devices such as laptops and tablets are no different, particularly if the numbers to be disposed of are large. 

The price achieved for redundant mobile IT equipment can have a major bearing on the financial viability of a technology refresh programme.  Manufacturers and brokers will rarely offer sensible prices and, whilst brokers will initially indicate good ‘headline’ prices, these rapidly reduce once they assess the equipment. 

TEK Express can typically offer much better prices for redundant/legacy equipment: we have an established business selling legacy equipment into market segments that still have a requirement for those products (e.g. the motor industry and other engineering areas where there is still a significant requirement for devices with serial ports). We can do this because we have the engineering capability to refurbish those devices and then continue to support and maintain them. 

We work with organisations throughout the UK and can arrange secure collection if required.  We specialist in recycling mobile devices such as tablet, laptops and smart phones and we have been very successful in selling equipment over 5 years old.

With our computer recycling processes being 100% eco-friendly. We adhere to the WEEE directive and other best practices around mobile equipment recycling and disposal.