Sell old hardware and protect the environment

What is TEKrefresh?

TEKrefresh is our long-established mobile device recycling service that we operate on behalf of our Clients. TEKexpress has been recycling laptops, tablets and smart phones for more than 18 years and have re-sold more than 10,000 devices that would otherwise have gone to landfill. We’ve always focussed on prolonging the life of our Clients’ equipment. Helping them to realise the best possible value for hardware assets once teams no longer need them is an important part of our wider service. We are very proud that we won our first Green award back in 2013, beating huge global companies like British Airways!


Selling hardware yourself is a time consuming and often disappointing venture. The headline prices offered by brokers nearly always drop once your kit has been assessed and manufacturers rarely offer you the best prices. Our simple streamlined resale process is built around three core steps; recover, refresh and recycle. As mobile device specialists we know the market and have the experience and contacts to secure the highest prices. We refurbish, support, maintain and offer a warranty on every mobile device we resell ensuring the best outcome for both seller and buyer.

What is Green IT?

Green IT is the practice of environmentally sustainable computing and it’s becoming increasingly more important for companies to demonstrate their activities in this area. Recycling hardware is a massive part of this initiative. It’s estimated that 41 million tonnes of electronic waste is generated globally each year. Working with TEKrefresh will enhance your company’s green credentials and contribute to the global effort to reduce this figure.

Be part of the green IT revolution

Breathe new life into old hardware

Benefits to Clients

Use of the TEKrefresh service delivers tangible benefits:

  • Maximises the value of old hardware
  • Sale of old equipment supports the financial viability of buying new kit
  • Effectively audit equipment lifecycle
  • Independent certification demonstrates Green IT credentials and assists in meeting your Green targets
  • Cash to Client upfront
  • Manages the twin challenges of data security and environmental responsibility
  • Option to donate revenue raised to a charity of choice
  • Equipment recycling supports Corporate Social Responsibility