As mobility continues to mature, computing is becoming location independent. Businesses require their workers to perform any task or access any content from any location over any network.  

Mobile computing is also becoming a strategic asset that is being used as a basis of competitive differentiation in the enterprise market

Whilst mobile devices can provide the remote worker with a powerful set of tools to improve productivity and service levels they also introduce a number of concerns:

  • Unauthorised use
  • Inappropriate use
  • Theft of the device (and, more importantly, the data on it)
  • Management of updates

TEK Express provides a range of services that enable us to manage Android, iOS & Windows devices remotely:

Equipment lockdown: to restrict the user of the device to a specific range of applications.  Also, where a browser is provided, to restrict the range of sites that may be accessed.

Data encryption: so that if the device is stolen the data on it is not usable

Remote device management: using simple web-based applications which support the range of browsers and gives our Clients the ability to: 

  • Wiping data and/or disabling the device in the event of theft
  • Providing a centralised view of device locations (which also aids in asset management)
  • ‘Pushing’ software or data updates to the devices (alternatively, informing users that they are available)