A sophisticated Asset Management System (AMS) sits at the heart of TEK Express' services enabling us to deliver full lifecycle management for all of our clients’ mobile assets.  

For each device we record: the user the device is allocated to; the software build; service history; user history and warranty status. 

For each user: we record the assets currently allocated to them including tablets, PCs, ‘phones; accessory items (batteries, cables, chargers etc.)

For accessory items we hold agreed stock levels for each client, replenishing as necessary.  This enables us to rapidly respond to user requests whilst minimising stocks held. 

Our Asset Management system combined with the other TEK Express services enables us to minimise the number of spare devices required for each client whilst still maintaining the highest service levels.  This in turn reduces our clients’ capital spend. 

Using the data collected by the TEK Express AMS we provide all of our clients with a tailored monthly report on usage, issues and other key operational information.  The comprehensive nature of the data gathered also enables us to quickly undertake a detailed analysis in the event of an increase in issues (e.g. breakages).

Each of our clients has secure online access to the TEK Express AMS.  Where required, we establish a direct connection between our client’s service desk system and the TEK Express AMS.