TEK Express have a flexible approach to fully integrated outsourced services and we are not aligned to one manufacturer.

Our Fully Integrated Outsourced services with hardware and support service costs charged monthly have been a feature of the IT marketplace for many decades: the benefits of ‘smoothing’ expenditure in line with operational requirements are well understood.  However, the full benefits of outsourced services have mostly been achieved with servers, networking and desktop systems.  Where an outsourced service also covers mobile workforce equipment the ‘service’ element is typically quite rudimentary, rarely getting a mobile worker back on the road quickly when a failure has occurred. 


Fully Integrated Outsource Services include all of the benefits of TEK’s services whilst also enabling our clients to use working capital rather than face the need for capital expenditure.  It also provides the ability to refresh the technology platform at the point which is most suitable for the business operationally rather than be tied to a fixed lifetime dictated by corporate treasury requirements. 

The fact that TEK are not tied to any manufacturer enables us to work with clients to identify the available options and then decide on an approach which delivers the best total cost of ownership for their situation.