Since 2000, TEK Express has been providing the services that keep our clients’ workforces ‘on the road’.


As mobility continues to mature, computing is becoming location independent. Businesses require their workers to perform any task or access any content from any location over any network.  

The Mobile Management Solution (MMS) service from TEK Express is central to our mobile services solution. 

A sophisticated Asset Management System (AMS) sits at the heart of TEK Express' services enabling us to deliver full lifecycle management for all of our clients’ mobile assets.  

Our effective stock control can minimise problems in the supply chain and prevent capital being tied up with excessive stock which can make a significant difference to the efficiency and the profitability of your business. 

Rolling out a new device to a field force can present formidable challenges.  Whilst unboxing, preparing and despatching one device is simple, it becomes a major project when 100s or 1,000s of devices are involved. 

TEK Express has extensive experience in assisting clients with the procurement of new hardware and software platforms.

TEK Express have a flexible approach to fully integrated outsourced services and we are not aligned to one manufacturer.

Sell old hardware and protect the environment