For the first time, NatCen have looked to outsource the support of their field researchers to TEK Express. NatCen are Britain's largest independent social research agency. For the last 40 years they have worked on behalf of government and charitie organisations to find out what people really think about important social issues and how Britain is run.

It was when Stuart Chapman, Director of Facilities and IT discovered that TEK supported some of their largest competitors that he needed to know how TEK could benefit his company. After a couple of visits, he soon realised by outsourcing the support to TEK, his team would be freed up to drive necessary improvements within the business and at the same time, he could shave £20,000 in support costs from his budget in the first year alone. The outsourced contract involves the following support for their field based workers;

  • Asset management of laptops, projectors and phones
  • Like for like preconfigured swaps of laptops
  • Issue of kits and projectors for training briefings
  • Collection of redundant equipment

The initial contract is for one year starting in April 2012