Our cloud-based core management tool, Lucy, helps our clients to budget accurately and reduce IT expenditure by at least 20%.

If you operate a business with many field and home based staff you are likely to understand the importance of effectivehardware asset management. For businesses employing large teams of staff, keeping track of all your mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and phones, can be a laborious process without the right management technology in place.

At TEK Express, our core management tool, Lucy, goes beyond providing our customers with an effective asset management solution. Lucy is also a powerful IT budget forecasting tool which, among other things, enables our customers to:

  • View accurate reporting against faults – vital for forecasting expenditure and making well-informed decisions on future IT requirements.
  • Reduce hardware spend – with sophisticated stock control to prevent capital remaining tied up in excessive stock.
  • Know when equipment is nearing the end of its lifecycle – enabling our customers to plan for future capital expenditure more efficiently.
  • Accurately forecast software expenditure – Lucy provides our customers with accurate forecasts on license renewal costs across all of their inventory.
  • Implement effective warranty management – Lucy will help ensure that the manufacturer is held responsible for repairs whenever applicable.
  • Monitor accident prone employees or personal use of devices – helping our customers to get a true picture of the full cost impact on their business.
  • Identify BER (beyond economic repair) machines – where possible we reuse parts from these machines to cut the costs of future repairs.

These key aspects of Lucy combine to provide both highly effective hardware asset management and powerful IT budget forecasting, providing our customers with an accurate picture of how much their IT operation costs and how they can reduce expenditure.

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