Improving IT field support for your staff and all the mobile devices they use is key to improving their productivity and engagement.

Employing large teams of field based staff can have many pitfalls without the right management strategy in place. Left unsupported, field staff can easily become demotivated and less productive. However, there is much you can do as an employer to engage your staff through the mobile devices they use such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Improving your IT field support for these devices is likely to improve the productivity of your staff too. There are a number of ways you can do this:

1. Provide work based e-learning solutions

Offering your staff training on how to use their company issued devices and software, together with training on how to fulfil their job role itself, helps them to improve their skills and feel more valued by you. Alongside traditional, class-room based training, e-learning programmes have also proven to be successful and can be integrated with support via social media.

2. Provide fast replacement to lost, stolen or faulty hardware

One way to quickly demotivate your staff is by leaving them without access to company systems for protracted periods of time. If you employ large teams of field staff, you will know how important it is, therefore, to replace faulty, lost or stolen hardware as quickly and efficiently as possible. At TEK Express we aim to get our customer's field based staff up and running by the next working day and often within just a few hours.

3. Focus on outcome-based systems rather than activity-based systems

Try not to bog down your staff with too much reporting on their activities. This can lead to staff feeling spied on rather than supported. Instead, set-up your systems so they are outcome-based and reward staff for completions of objectives.

4. Use mobile apps to improve productivity and engagement

Deploying high quality enterprise mobile apps to your network of field devices is also a guaranteed way to help improve staff productivity and engagement. The numerous benefits to using mobile apps include: less paperwork and filing; getting tasks finished faster; providing proof of work or proof of outcome; improving route planning through GPS and enabling staff to close deals or complete objectives whilst still in the field.

5. Use asset management technology to make better decision making about IT

Improving your IT field support can also be achieved through access to accurate data on your inventory and through making better decisions regarding future capital expenditure. At TEK Express, our core management system – Lucy – helps our customers to accurately forecast IT costs, identify problematic hardware and reduce IT expenditure by at least 20%.

6. Provide adequate tech support

Less tech-savvy employees may require more assistance with their mobile devices than others. You should ensure you can provide adequate tech support through helpdesk, FAQs, social media support, mobile apps and fault reporting. At TEK Express we provide our customers with a 24/7 incident logging facility, ensuring faults are assessed and dealt with very quickly.

7. Ensure you employ enterprise level file sharing technology

Enterprise level file sharing enables you and your field based staff to collaborate more effectively and safely. It also enables you to remotely remove or wipe company software, apps and data in the event of the loss, theft or breakdown of your hardware. At TEK Express we've helped many of our customers implement and manage their file sharing systems.

8. Consider your BYOD Strategy

Many reports suggest that allowing staff to bring-their-own-devices (BYOD) improves productivity and makes staff feel empowered. However, BYOD raises numerous security and system integration issues. Think carefully about your BYOD strategy and ensure that you have the capability to manage the devices your staff use. Again, TEK Express have advised many of our customers on policy and implementation in this area.

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