Outsourcing IT support has many perceived challenges, however, there are numerous advantages to be gained when the process is managed correctly.

Outsourcing any aspect of your IT operation creates various challenges. There may be resistance from your in-house IT team, fears over the compatibility of your current team with your chosen provider, or concerns from your financial office on the cost of the process. At TEK Express we have allayed the fears of many of our customers by ensuring a seamless transition to working with us, with very little downtime and with a lot of attention to detail. Furthermore we have focused on forging strong partnerships with our customers' in-house IT staff, ensuring that we compliment your current operation rather than oppress it. If you are currently looking at outsourcing IT support for your business, you may be wondering what the main benefits are for doing so. Based on our own experience and on the feedback from our customers, we think the following points are key:

Reduce your costs

At TEK Express, our customers save a minimum of 20% on their annual IT spend. Outsourcing is an option most likely to make your financial office happy!

Reduce staff downtime

As a specialist mobile device management company, we have helped many businesses employing staff in the field to keep them on the road. We can replace faulty hardware within 1 business day and often within just a few hours.

Allow your IT team to focus on the bigger picture

It may not be a good use of your internal IT team's time if it is spent responding to technical issues and faults. Outsourcing this aspect of your operation to a business dedicated to this area enables your in-house team to focus on longer term projects and avoid too many distractions.

Focus on your core business

Many of our customers tell us that outsourcing their field support to us has helped them to focus on their core business and better utilise the resources of their internal teams.

Minimise HR and training

Running a large internal IT team requires intensive HR support and regular training. Outsourcing part or all of your IT requirements minimises your costs in this area.

Ensure compliance

A good IT supplier will ensure that all your systems, hardware and software are compliant, helping you to avoid any legal pitfalls or unexpected licensing costs.

Advanced technology and asset management

At TEK Express, we are experts in asset management and we have developed our own hardware asset management software, called Lucy, to help us deliver an exceptional service to our customers. Developing your own internal staff and systems to this level may take a lot of time and money to do. Outsourcing to us means your IT programme is managed expertly from the start.

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