For businesses with a large mobile device inventory, having the ability to remotely manage those devices is becoming increasingly important.

TEK Express has built a reputation on providing sophisticated hardware asset management, delivered through our core system Lucy. Lucy enables our customers to gain complete visibility on the performance and utilisation of their equipment, helping them to cut IT costs and reduce staff downtime. However, in addition to traditional asset management, we also provide equally sophisticated remote management tools which enable our clients to gain better control of devices whilst they are in-use and in the field. For businesses employing large teams of field based staff, having the ability to remotely manage an employee's device is becoming increasingly important. At TEK Express we are able to:

  • Remotely lock down devices In the event of the loss, theft or misuse of company property, TEK Express can remotely shut down the device for both applications and the internet. 
  • Remotely wipe company dataIf you are concerned about data breach on a particular device, our team can instantly revoke access to corporate files and remove all data stored on the device. 
  • Provide location tracking dataOur software uses GPS and network-based location tracking, enabling you to track your devices on the map and see a history of where your devices have been used. 
  • Send messages to your devicesSend messages to mobile users instantly and get read and delete notifications. 
  • Push updates to your devices remotely Alongside the ability to push applications and software updates to your mobile devices, our team can also remotely uninstall unwanted software that may have been installed without authorisation.

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If you are currently in the process of setting your mobile device management strategy and require advice on how you can better manage your company inventory whilst it is in-use and in the field, feel free to contact our friendly business development team for an informal chat on 01293 710020.