No critical issues were found in our ability to safely manage our own and our client's data, following our recent information governance (IG) assessment.

As part of our on-going effort to improve our internal procedures, TEK Express recently contracted the Big Red Consulting Group to carry out an information governance assessment on our business. Our managing director, Sam Francis, was impressed by the outcome of the audit. In feedback to Big Red she says:

"I'd like to take the opportunity to say what a valuable exercise it has been for us. The assessment helped us understand potential areas of risk and review our existing policies and practices - Graham was extremely knowledgeable and provided practical guidance on any topics we were unsure of."

The detailed assessment carried out by Big Red was far reaching and covered a diverse range of areas including: risk management, business controls, operational information security and compliance. The findings of the assessment were presented in an easy-to-read PDF report featuring a visual/graphic output, enabling us to simply grasp where and how we can improve.

Overall, Big Red found no critical issues with our business. In their summary they state: "no critical finding came to light that would place your business's ability to safely manage your own and client data at significant risk. Recommendations are made in order to allow you to demonstrate an improved level of control over information assets to clients / business partners as well as a greater business resilience."


With the intelligence gained from our assessment, the team here at TEK Express look forward to implementing many of Big Red's recommendations. Dealing with highly confidential customer data, as we do, we take information governance and compliance very seriously. This audit is another step towards fine tuning our existing arrangements and capabilities.