As mobile device management specialists, TEK Express has built a reputation for helping businesses employing large teams of field staff be more efficient and cost effective. To support our core asset management service, we are now able to help our clients share and edit their data more efficiently and safely.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new secure file sharing service, designed for the enterprise and delivered in partnership with a leading enterprise class online storage specialist. Our clients have relied upon us to ensure the fast replacement of their hardware in the field and to provide accurate reporting on those assets to minimise risk and downtime. However, we are often approached by customers who are concerned about the safety of their business data when used by mobile devices in the field. Whilst we have always been able to provide a secure service for our clients, our new file sharing service provides numerous benefits in addition to heightened security, including:

A seamless experience for your staff

We can enable your staff to access files and data wherever they are in the globe and on any computer or mobile device.

Advanced file sharing features

Enable different levels of access to files for different groups or individuals within your company. Take advantage of one click sharing and access to files both online and offline.

Automatic synching

Our solution automatically syncs your files enabling real-time updates.

Recovery of old files

Easily role back changes to your file history, enabling you to recover deleted or edited files quickly.

Secure encryption

Know that your data is safe with 256 bit AES encryption.

We provide secure file sharing as a managed service and it can be delivered either in the cloud or on-premise. For further details, please visit our service page to read more.

As mobile specialists, we are pleased to be able to offer a service which enhances the user experience of staff working in the field. This new service compliments our existing remote management tools and enables us to provide a comprehensive mobile device management solution covering your hardware, software and remote access to your data.

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If you are looking to adopt a more efficient and secure file sharing system for your organisation, get in touch with our friendly business development team today for further advice. Call us on: 01293 7100 20.