Employee-owned mobile devices used in the workplace present a threat to the safety of corporate data and must be secured. We look at the options for protecting your network.

Like many forms of technology, mobile devices are a target waiting to be attacked. If you allow your employees to use their own devices at work and to access company data via these devices, it is vitally important to have stringent security policies in place to protect your network. If you are currently worried about the use of mobile devices in your organisation and require advice on securing them, you should consider the following:

Create a mobile device security policy

If you currently have a network security policy, your mobile device security policy should be an extension to this and should compliment your overarching security aims. For example, if your network security policy states that all users require a 15 character password using both upper and lower case characters in order to access your systems – ensure that the same policy rolls out to users accessing your systems via mobile devices too.

Require the use of VPN

Any communications between a mobile device and a corporate network should require the use of VPN for access to occur. Besides offering strong encryption, VPNs also enable you to log, manage and authenticate users wishing to use a mobile device to access sensitive information, applications and other services on your network.

Enforce your security policies with management software

Don't give the impression that your security policies or access procedures are optional. Look at using mobile device management software to enable you to gain better control of all devices on your network, including those owned by the employee. Our own core management solution, Lucy, helps our clients to remain compliant, efficient and safe at all times.

Consider the use of secure mobile gateways

Organisations operating within highly regulated industries may need to give extra consideration to the security of their data. As such, it will be important to consider what uses and applications are essential to mobile users. Directing mobile traffic through special gateways with customized firewalls and security controls in place will provide another layer of security for your systems, whilst keeping mobile workers focused on their core activities.

Use antimalware software

Just as your desktop machines can be prone to malware attack, so too can your mobile devices. Ensure that you roll out security software across all of your inventory.

Concerned about security for your mobile devices?


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