In recent years there has been explosive growth in the number of employees using mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and phones to fulfil their job roles. However, access to business email alone is insufficient for many mobile staff. Increasing the productivity of your mobile workforce requires consideration of numerous strategic, technical and inter-personal challenges.

Increasing the productivity of your mobile workforce is especially challenging for businesses with large teams of people in the field. Here are some top tips for greater efficiency:

Integrate with your back office systems

Your staff will be more efficient in the field if they have full access to the data and systems that will enable them to fulfil their jobs in full. Besides access to company email, you should consider enabling staff to be able to access quotes, sales orders, outstanding invoices, complaint files, product and service information. Whilst in the field, your staff need to be able to complete as many admin, sales and technical functions as possible.

Use role-based interfaces

However, it's important not to overload your staff with too many interface options and access to data or systems that aren't relevant to their job in the field. As such, you should ensure that access is provided to company apps, software and data specific to the user's job role. 

Provide more networking potential

Your staff will be more productive if they can communicate with customers and your head office team as seamlessly as possible. Enabling employees to offer quotations and process orders whilst in the field, cuts down your admin time and empowers your team. Allowing your staff to communicate through multiple methods including email, social media and mobile apps, also provides greater opportunities for networking and expanding the reach of your business.


Use a mobile device management solution

Mobile device management software helps your team remain efficient by forecasting issues with your inventory, enabling you to control and manage your inventory more efficiently and by replacing lost, stolen or compromised devices quickly. Our own solution, Lucy, helps our customers save at least 20% on IT costs within their first year of use.

Upgrade your technology to meet the needs of staff

Laptops may not be efficient for all staff working in the field – they are bulky, liable to break whilst in transport and aren't ideal for sharing. Providing your staff with technology suited to how often they travel and the type of work they are required to carry out will, again, make them happier and more productive.

Regularly survey your staff and customers

Mobile technology is great for getting immediate feedback on your products, services and also on the well-being of your staff. Use it to inform better business decision making and to help you motivate your staff.

Use GPS technology to inform route planners

You can make the life of staff on the road much easier, using GPS technology to plan the most efficient routes to client or supplier premises.


Create a BYOD strategy


Are you going to allow staff to use their own devices in the field? Studies have suggested this helps to increase productivity too. However, you'll need to consider your BYOD strategy carefully to avoid any security breaches or spiralling costs.

Concerned about your mobile productivity?

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