Repairs and replacements form a costly line in the average IT budget. For businesses employing large teams of staff who use mobile devices, this can have a significant impact on your bottom line. However, IT spend can be reduced through proactive support for your inventory.

You can extend the lifespan of your business mobile devices in numerous ways. Here are some of our top recommendations, ones that we actively encourage our clients to consider:

Buy inventory not prone to failure

Sounds obvious, but ensure that you make well-informed choices when purchasing inventory for your staff. Research the make and models of devices carefully to ensure they meet your business requirements and the needs of your staff in the field. At TEK Express, we have helped many of our clients to upgrade their inventory and choose devices built to last.

Make sure your devices are monitored and kept clean

Dust, dirt and all sorts of other muck can impinge on the lifespan of any machine. Be sure to regularly service your mobile devices, ideally every 6 to 12 months or so. At TEK Express, we provide a comprehensive hardware asset managementservice, inclusive of time spent ensuring that your devices are kept in tip-top condition. When we manage your inventory, we assess and check your hardware immediately upon receipt. From the outset this helps us to prevent issues occuring.

Employ IT professionals to repair and upgrade your tech

Allowing devices to operate out-of-date software, apps and services can be harmful. Be sure to keep your inventory, and all the programmes they run, fully up-to-date. Ideally you should either employ fully trained IT professionals to carry out repairs and upgrades, or alternatively outsource this function to an experienced IT support company. At TEK Express, our team specialise specifically in monitoring, maintaining, repairing and replacing mobile devices. We're experts in our field, so leaving this with us lets your IT team get on with the bigger picture stuff.


Monitor hard drive issues

Hard drives can become corrupt through file system errors, improper shut downs and crashes. Actively monitor and check your inventory for these types of occurrences, as it will help to reduce costly expenditure on replacing hardware. Again, TEK Express's mobile device management software can help you to identify problematic makes and models where these occurrences are happening too frequently. Ultimately, this can save you money in the long run.


Protect against malware

Malware, spyware and other nasty bugs can seriously impinge on the lifespan of your mobile device network. Ensure that all of your devices are fully protected, including phones and tablets. If you need assistance with protecting your network, the TEK Express team can help you to assess and install the necessary software.

Use mobile device management software

Mobile device management software enables you to increase mobile workforce productivity, reduce costs and increase profits through advanced asset management and tracking, real-time information on the status of your assets, the ability toremote manage your inventory and to lock-down or wipe a device in the event of its loss or theft.

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