Managing a large inventory of mobile devices can be time intensive and a distraction for your in-house IT team, where time may be better spent focused on the bigger picture. TEK Express offer an asset management solution designed to free up time for your IT team and eliminate those routine tasks.

Creating and delivering a successful IT strategy requires focus and a consistent approach towards achieving core objectives. For IT projects to remain on course and within budget, your team need to be free from the daily distractions that interrupt the flow of work. If you run a business with a large network of desktop and mobile devices, those devices can require intensive management. One option could be to set-up a separate IT support team, focused solely on maintaining assets and responding to routine issues. However, for many organisations, this is a costly endeavour involving intensive recruitment, training and human resources expenditure. An alternative option is to outsource your asset management to an external supplier.

At TEK Express our core business is managing our clients' IT assets. Because it's at the core of what we do, and because we have been doing it for so long, we are highly efficient in both managing assets and in coping with routine tasks that used to take up so much of our clients' precious internal resource. Our fully trained and expert team help our clients with:

Stock control

Storing, issuing, retrieving, maintaining, quality testing and reporting on your assets requires an intensive amount of human resource, especially for organisations with a large IT inventory. Our effective stock control can minimise problems in the supply chain and prevent capital being tied up with excessive stock.

Asset tracking

Effective asset tracking provides a real-time picture of the status of your inventory. However, keeping an accurate record of the condition, history, whereabouts and ownership status of those assets requires human agency to facilitate. Outsourcing your asset management ensures that your core IT team are not distracted by routine record keeping tasks.

Replacing lost, stolen or damaged devices

Your IT team's time can also be zapped by the administration work involved in replacing lost, stolen or damaged devices. At TEK Express, our core management system, Lucy, helps our clients to forecast potential issues with hardware and anticipate the need to purchase backup devices. We ensure that our clients always have sufficient replacement stock and, in the event of the loss or theft of a device, we replace it very quickly – often within just a few hours.

Managing the repair process

Another time-intensive task is ensuring that faulty devices have been fully tested and pass usability criteria. Again, expecting your internal IT team to respond to requests for repairs may not be an effective use of their time. At TEK Express, we ensure all of client's stock is fully tested and assessed from the moment we start working with them. Furthermore, Lucy helps us to track warranties across your inventory – helping you to minimise repair costs.

Minimise time spent on performance reporting

Monthly performance reports can take hours to pull together. With our core management system, Lucy, you can run off status reports on your assets quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for regular audits.

Upgrading software and hardware

The TEK Express team have extensive experience dealing with a broad range of devices and the software, applications and services that run on them. We regularly anticipate issues with out-of-date hardware or software that may cause problems across your network. We free up our clients' time through implementing essential upgrades.

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