recently reported that WebView vulnerabilities in older versions of Android are putting the majority of Android devices at risk. As a result, safeguarding company data has become more of a challenge for organisations with a large mobile device inventory. With TEK Express's MDM solution you can identify devices running older versions of Android quickly.

Hundreds of millions of Android devices are potentially at risk following Google's announcement that it will no longer provide patches for vulnerabilities, as recently reported on WebView is a core component of the Android operating system and is used to render web pages in the standard browser for Android devices. According to security researcher Tod Beardsley, Google will no longer provide patches for known WebView vulnerabilities found in Android versions 4.3 and older.

Organisations employing large teams of field based staff are advised to review which versions of the Android OS are used to connect to the corporate network. In addition, you may need to review which models of device are used and take a decision on whether or not to upgrade those devices. However, according to specialist Van Someren, "short of making sure the entire workforce has a current phone with a recent OS, there is no cure-all for this sort of risk, but it can be reduced."

At TEK Express we help our clients be more risk-averse so that when situations like this occur, a measured and efficient response can be implemented with ease. Our core management system, Lucy, can quickly show you how many devices on your network are running out of date operating systems or are incompatible with the latest version of OS required. For businesses with a large mobile device inventory, this eliminates the headache of re-auditing your network every time a new security threat emerges.

In addition, our core management system helps our clients to:

  • Remotely manage and update devices
  • Push applications and services out across your network
  • Remotely lockdown and wipe data on specific devices
  • Track devices using GPS
  • Anticipate issues with specific makes and models
  • Quickly check if a device is still under warranty

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