Google's recent update to Lollipop, the latest version of OS for Android, introduces a range of eagerly anticipated changes that users will be keen to road test. However, upgrading a tablet or smartphone to the latest version of OS can have a negative effect on the performance and usability of the device. For businesses employing large numbers of employees using Android devices as part of their work life, the upgrade to Lollipop needs to be managed carefully and in stages.

Whilst the Lollipop update has been available for several months, only a limited number of devices are compatible and able to run it. However, as more and more manufacturers modify their software and phones, more users are taking advantage of the recent big update to the operating system and downloading it to their tablets and phones. For businesses, this process needs to be managed carefully by your IT department or service provider. A poorly managed upgrade process can lead to:

  • Confused staff – as a result of the dramatic changes to user interface and layout of the new OS. It's important to remember that some level of reorientation and training will be required when you update your staff's mobile devices.
  • Forced updates to your inventory – some devices will automatically download the latest version of Lollipop, potentially causing issues on your network or technical problems with specific devices. Using effective mobile device management software will enable you to lockdown devices until you are ready to action updates.
  • Poor performance and usability issues – rolling out changes across a broad range of devices and platforms, running different versions of software and apps, can have unpredictable effects. Again, through effective mobile device management software and staged testing, you can ensure that both your network and your inventory can cope with the changes.


Here at TEK Express this week, we have helped several of our clients manage issues connected to the 5.0 rollout of Android Lollipop, whilst also implementing 5.0.2 – providing the repair to the flawed 5.0. We have assisted clients by locking down specific devices and auditing the capability of the network to run the required updates. Our core management system, Lucy, can quickly identify all Android devices connected to your network and flag up those that may be incompatible with the latest updates available. As a result, we can help minimise the disruption caused by a potentially overwhelmed network or influx of calls from staff requiring technical assistance.

Require assistance with Android Lollipop updates?

As a specialist mobile device management company, TEK Express provide tailored solutions for businesses employing large teams of field based staff. We help our clients to significantly reduce costly downtime and make significant savings on their IT spend. Whether it's managing the rollout of Android updates across your network or replacing lost and faulty hardware quickly, we provide a comprehensive mobile IT support solution for both large and small businesses. For further advice, contact our friendly business development team on 01293 7100 20.