Organisations employing large teams of field based staff can become more efficient and cut costs by utilising advanced mobile device management systems. Here's ten reasons why large companies will benefit from reviewing their mobile device management strategy.

Mobile device management (MDM) refers to the processes for administrating both company and employee owned mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets which are used in the workplace or used in the field as part of an employee's work. For large organisations there are numerous reasons for implementing an MDM solution. At TEK Express, we help our customers to improve their MDM operation by helping them to:

Reduce downtime and cut IT costs by at least 20%

For businesses with large teams of field based staff, one area that can significantly impact on the profitability of field based operations is downtime. Staff downtime, caused by faulty, lost or stolen devices, is likely to cost a business a minimum of £100 per day per device. At TEK Express we have helped clients, who were previously taking an average of 3 days to replace a device, to reduce their downtime to 24 hours or less. In many cases we are able to replace a device in just a few working hours.

Increase the hardware lifecycle

Repairs and replacements form a costly line in the average IT budget. At TEK Express we conduct a full assessment of our client's inventory, immediately upon receipt. This enables us to identify potential issues from the outset and ensure that replacement hardware is in excellent condition and prolongs the life of the device (sometimes up to 8 years). We also have a policy of reusing parts from retired hardware to fix other devices which is really cost effective for our clients. Not only does this reduce repair costs, it helps the environment too.

Exceed compliance regulations

This is especially important for large organisations dealing with sensitive financial and personal data. Threats to network security due to malware such as trojans, worms, viruses, and spyware have rapidly increased in recent years. TEK Express's MDM solution helps our clients to ensure that both company and employee owned devices that connect to your network do so in a secure manner and that software is kept up-to-date. We also help our clients to save money by keeping an accurate record of warranty and software expiry dates for each unique device, ensuring you do not spend any more than necessary on repairs and updates.

Dramatically improve mobile asset management

Our core management system, Lucy, enables our clients to access important information about their assets 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our system helps our clients to track and manage all mobile assets with a maximum degree of accuracy, aiding both better business decision making and to gain better insight into performance issues affecting specific devices or those running specific software or processes.

Free up time for the internal IT team to focus on big picture strategy

Managing a large inventory of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices is a time intensive and distracting task. At TEK Express we help our clients to free up the valuable time of their employees so they can focus on the important projects that require concentration and dedication to see through to completion. Internal IT teams often struggle to cope with a challenging mobile workforce, with our fully managed MDM solution, we take the stress and facilitate the urgency to get the mobile worker up and running quickly and efficiently.

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