"We now get the support and maintenance of our hardware plus transport of equipment via a courier, and a helpdesk call logging system, all for the same amount of money that we used to pay in courier costs alone!" 

What has TEK Express delivered to Kantar Public?

Fast turnaround

Machines are repaired and returned to stock much more quickly than previously. This gives higher availability. Because insurance requests, assessment and repairs are all done by TEK, this gives Kantar much better tracking, follow up and faster turnaround.A superb call logging system
TEK Express offers all clients as standard, an on-line interface to their call logging system called "E-lucidation". 50% of TEK Express's clients have welcomed the "mirrored option" where their existing systems fall short, to enable them to manage all their calls much more effectively. The system provides as standard, excellent management information. It can also be tailored to each client's personal needs.Accurate Asset Management

Kantar know where equipment is. If an interviewer fails to hand a machine back when they leave the organisation, it can immediately be followed up. This has led to a significant reduction in the number of lost machines where an interviewer has been lost track of following a failed collection.Technical Expertise
Kantar have really benefited from TEK Express's proactive approach to preventative repairs, (particularly where design faults have been identified in machines). This has led to a reduction in lost interviewing days through faulty equipment.

Kantar Public and TEK Express Ltd - a true partnership

Kantar is a leading market research and information group. They are widely regarded as the world's largest provider of customer research and analysis, plus they're a major supplier of consumer panel, media and intelligence and radio audience measurement services.

So when Sam Francis, Director of TEK Express spotted a Kantar interviewer in the street in Crawley in 2005, she was keen to introduce herself. Fast forward one year from that encounter (with a six month courting period thrown in for good measure) and now TEK Express supports Kantar UK's field researcher's hardware and entire asset management.

It's a relationship that is beneficial to both parties. Chris Jenkins, Technical Director of Kantar explains, "Meeting TEK Express two years ago was very timely. We were being charged up to £500 per machine for a specific accidental damage. With 600 interviewers in the field, averaging 6 repairs per month, this equated to £3000 in charges.

TEK Express carried out each repair for a fraction of the price and what's more they actually improved the repair to reduce the likelihood of it occurring again."

Chris continues, "We also struggled to have enough tablet kits available each week to support our ongoing weekly recruitment drive of anything from 8 to 16 research interviewers across the UK. We did not have the availability of kit sitting on a shelf. I could go on about the challenges we faced each day through trying to manage the entire resource and asset management of our field based researchers, but costs and kit availability were the two biggest bug bears."

It took four months from the initial meeting with TEK Express for Kantar to give the go ahead. A pilot was not requested because TEK Express had already proved their expertise to Kantar by liaising directly with Fujitsu, supplier of the tablets and agreeing that the repairs they were making did not invalidate the warranty.

Is the relationship working? Says Chris, "on costs alone, we now get the support and maintenance of our hardware plus transport of equipment via a courier, and a helpdesk call logging system, all for the same amount of money that we used to pay in courier costs alone!

We're effectively saving a minimum of £25,000 every single year, plus the repairs carried out by TEK are considerably cheaper than the repairs carried out by previous suppliers".

The TEK Express approach with clients is very much a team one. "We get excellent service and a genuine sense of partnership working with TEK. They've made a number of adjustments to the way they work to help us, with no complaints, but they're also very good at advising or encouraging us to change the way we work to make things more efficient for them. In other words, they are not afraid to be honest if they think it will improve the service being provided. This encourages us to work harder to improve ourselves," concludes Chris.

Our thanks to Chris Jenkins, Technical Director, Kantar Public for his feedback and input to this article.