"Prompt, Professional, Productive.

"In March 2016 the Calor Mobile Upgrade Project was looking for a supplier to provide configuration and maintenance of their new stock of Samsung Tab Active Tablets."

"The project required approximately 100 devices configured to a specific build profile and then distributed to various locations across the UK. TEKexpress adopted a collaborative approach to work with Calor and did not shy away from suggesting how best to amend internal working practices to optimise the efficiency of the TEKexpress / Calor partnership. This approach proved to be a formula for success as the national rollout was completed without a hiccup.

TEKexpress continue to provide maintenance for Calor’s Tablet inventory (now up to 160 units) and through monthly management reports, regular phone calls and service review meetings, they continue to offer an excellent service that Calor would highly recommend."

Written by Adam Bolitho - Project Manager.