TEK Express was formed in 2000 upon the realisation that non-office based workers received different treatment when their IT failed resulting in these workers becoming demotivated very quickly. So TEK Express was created to dedicate support for the remote worker with the sole intention to get these personnel up and running within a few business hours. Our tight knit and incredibly loyal team and our superior management systems are key to the success of our company and thanks to our track record of never losing a contract customer, we just keep getting stronger - see some testimonials below.

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We have the ablility to provide nationwide IT support from our office in the heart of Sussex using a national courier and locker solution to deliver our service throughout the UK and ROI. We seek out companies using 200+ mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. As a specalist mobile device management company, we have provided remote IT support to organisations as diverse as BT Wholesale, the NHS, Ipsos Mori and Hoover Candy.

The team have built the company on our shared principles and values, at the core of which is understanding and then responding quickly to our clients' needs. We design tailored solutions to meet our clients expectations. This emphasis on placing clients first allows us to boast, modestly, about our 100% contract client retention and firmly underpins our success to date.

As many of us are visual people, we decided to make a short video that explains our service in just 2 minutes, if you want to understand what we can deliver, click on this link. Or if you'd prefer to speak to us, to understand more, call now and speak to one of the team on 01293 710020 or email us direct.

People Expertise

Our team has an enormous depth of experience and a reputation for innovative thinking. It is no accident that they have evolved this way, either from 16 years of age as apprentices or through re-training following the result of disability, helping them gain new skills and increase independence for life. Our team share our integrity and honesty which is evident in everything they do, both in the way they represent the company and the way they live in their personal lives.
These days, no one company can give you everything you need so we work with the best in breed companies to give our clients what they need if it makes sense to package it all together. Then we provide the SPOC (single point of contact) to enable a seamless solution.

Technical Capabilities

All our engineers are trained at component level and some increase their knowledge by becoming reverse engineers. This involves taking something apart to analyse its workings in detail, so a re-work can be achieved and an effective solution provided which sets us apart from our competition.
As an example, when we took on a new contract with one of our clients, they were having issues with the manufacturer of their tablet units whereby the batteries kept falling out of the device. The manufacturer claimed it was due to user damage. We ascertained that the battery clips were too weak and devised a re-worked clip that resolved the issue, saving our client approximately £48,000 in the first year!
Where we cannot provide the support direct, we work seamlessly with the best of breed products and suppliers to give our customers the best outcome.


Our team is obviously important to us but so are our systems. We ensure our team doesn't waste their valuable time on tasks that can be automated through system management. Lucy, our core management system does just that and is referred to as another member of the team. We have invested heavily into Lucy since her inception in 2000. As we have grown and customer demands increased, we have simply looked to automate as many processes as we can so our team are allowed to develop and grow. See more about Lucy.