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As the specialist mobile device management company, we support all aspects of the mobile workforce and with the evolution of the employee and the hardware available, we appreciate the critical roles many of these workers hold and the emphasis to support them effectively.

Whether these users have a laptop, tablet or smartphone to communicate or to carry out their roles, if the technology fails, it is up to a company like us to come to the rescue to keep these workers effective for their organisation. As part of our service, we offer the following levels of support;

  • Hardware support
  • Asset management and software compliance
  • Remote application updates
  • Data recovery and backup
  • Data protection
  • Project rollouts


To find out more, call now and speak to one of the team on 01293 710020 or email us direct.

Swap-IT solution

Within a fixed fee contract, we will maintain and support all faulty mobile equipment within the agreed inventory list. We support laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones across all makes and models.

If an employee has an issue with their device that cannot be fixed remotely, we will provide a like for like swap using a next day courier. We will issue a device setup to the agreed specification and the courier will pick up the faulty device on point of delivery. We can deliver by 8am, 10am, 12pm or on a next day service dependent on budget and locality. If the equipment is in warranty, we manage the whole process on behalf of our clients.

We also aid our clients in the rollout of new hardware and software. This task is normally dreaded but with our streamlined approach, we take care of the heavy burden by project managing the entire process.

Asset management and software compliance

Poor management and tracking of assets and software causes lost revenue and increased costs. Through our core management system (Lucy), we enable you to track and trace all of your equipment and software. This allows you to use your assets efficiently, boost supply chain economically and improve the maintenance and repair of the assets throughout the life cycle while ensuring software compliance is also maintained. This level of service is part of our core solution at no additional cost.

Lucy also effectively manages stock control, which minimises problems in the supply chain and prevent capital being tied up with excessive stock. By holding our clients stock at our central location we are able to advise them how much stock they have at any one time and by shipping it as and when it is required we ensure you have full efficiency of your capital.

Data and software managment

For data and software management, we have the capability in-house to support most issues however no one company can give you everything you need so we openly work with the best in breed companies to give our clients what they need if it makes sense to package it all together providing our customers with the SPOC (single point of contact) to enable a seamless solution.

Through our partners, we can provide solutions for;

  • Locking down software
  • Effective remote management for software updates
  • Secure file sharing for the Enterprise mobile worker

To find out more, call now and speak to one of the team on 01293 710020 or email us direct.

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